Lincoln High School equips students with academic and theoretic knowledge, but also with practical, tangible experience that prepares them for careers. With over 900 acres of land, LHS can boast of one of the largest high school farms in the United States. This extensive property allows students to go beyond reading about the development of land or production of food; they can actually participate in the production itself. Our students have the invaluable opportunity of working the soil and becoming familiar with modern farming equipment. Unlike in centuries past, only two percent of our country’s population now contributes to food production, making agriculture an essential and specialized career pathway.

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Career Technical Education

In addition to agriculture, LHS offers students a wide base of technical education that opens into endless vocational pathways. By participating in our programs for machinery and computer technology, students establish a strong foundation for careers in multiple types of engineering, construction management, computer science, biomedical fields, communication technology, media arts, and more. Our connections with Placer County ROP offer even more potential for students to seek out education that will help build their career readiness.  With the dual approach of academic instruction and hands-on learning, LHS students can graduate with the awareness and skills they need to pursue satisfying careers.  

  • Ag Science
  • Ag Biology
  • Ag Econ/Ag US Government
  • Ag Leadership
  • Animal Science
  • Natural History
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Mechanics
  • Woodshop
  • Welding
  • Floral Design
  • Diesel Equipment Mechanics
  • Alternative Fuel Technology